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11, Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria.

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Do you desire a lucrative career with Techpira?

Ops! Sorry to disappoint you

We are not a career people but a team of professionals on a mission

"The most extraordinary people in the world today are not people with a career. They are people on a purpose driven mission"
Vareba Dunnebari
Founder, Techpira


Do you desire to be part of the next big story? Do you have a dream like building the next global solution? Are you on a mission of solving big problems and changing old solutions? Do you have passion for innovation and derive joy from getting results and creating solutions? 


Techpira is the only place you can earn a six figure reward without necessarily having a college degree while maintaining your happiness by fulfilling your personal dreams. You will not be CAGED. Techpirans are free and happy people.

At Techpira, we prefer SKILLS, DILIGENCE, INTEGRITY & PASSION to CERTIFICATES, INTELLIGENCE & EXPERIENCE because we believe everybody is INTELLIGENT, everybody can always get CERTIFICATES and no one is born with EXPERIENCE — It is usually learned.
See below , more convincing reasons WHY choosing TECHPIRA will be one of your best decisions of a lifetime.

Why Join Techpira?

We are happy people

We are happy people and we love what we do because it pays us well. We received maximum reward just for doing what we love and loving what we do and we live comfortably....

We dream big!

We are not poor people, so we think and do things differently. We live and work in decent places because we know very well that poor environment affects good results...

We are free people

We are not bound by stringent workplace rules. We are just ethical and professional with our job and we concentrate on getting results. we do not border about getting sacked. We simply let you move on if it becomes inevitable. Remember we are on a mission and not on a career...

No more rat race

We are not like others. so we do not run a rat race. We work 24/7 most times from anywhere. Hence you will not be ask to jump into the traffic every morning & evening...

Room to grow

As a Techpiran you are the only limit to the level you can go because you do not have to work to impress your boss or anyone to get promoted. We simply move higher by getting more things done.

We affect Lives

The beauty of life is in it's donation and not it\'s duration. So we share our wealth with others and solve their problems because we know it's necessary. If heaven had wished otherwise, it would have given each of us his/her own planet. WOW! that would have been about 7 billion planets...



If you convinced you have the skills, the passion and the guts to join our mission, send a one page portfolio resume to and our selection team lead shall contact you soonest. Thank You!