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11, Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria.

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Joining the Techpira Team

Do you have have it takes?

100 years ago, there were no airplanes or helicopters.
50 years ago, there were no computers or internet.
40 years ago, there were no phones. 25 years ago, there were no electric cars nor drones
20 years ago, there were no WhatsApp, Facebook, twitter or Instagram
Are you getting the picture now? Yes, virtually all the top technology brands, solutions and products you see and use today were mere wishes, dreams, imaginations, and ideas in people’s mind.
Hence, I can make bold to say that the set of products, solutions and brands that will rule the world in the next century will not be google, apple, Facebook, or twitter. Not even Tesla. They will be companies that are yet to be.
But between now and the birth of the next century, a lot of brands and products will spring up and break even. More global brands and market giants will emerge.
Our vision is to be amongst the next talked-about brands. To form a chapter in the man’s creation story by leading the pace of innovation through provisioning and premiering of only outstanding products, solutions, and services that practically improve lives and lifestyles.
We envision securing a permanent spot amongst the top best technology innovation brands in the country in every decade. Our desire is to build a team of energetic, passion driven, focused and committed persons who will be constantly self-motivated and determined to make an impact. A set of mutually passionate people focused on a mission of creating outstanding solutions and making far-reaching impacts.

Join us Now

Do you aspire to join our winning team? Do you love creating something new and challenging? Can you persistently commit to a difficult cause you are convinced about even if the whole world says it will not work? Are you constantly inspired and naturally motivated by tough problems? Are you desirous in writing your name in gold in the pages of history? Techpira believes in the synergy of ideas, creativity, intelligence, dedication and commitment because we know that while one can kill a thousand, two can kill 10 thousand. So, synergy multiplies your output 10 times more than your singular effort. If you are sure you have the requisite desire, passion, determination and commitment to join our team, feel free to join us now.

Who we are

We’re a digital technology and firm. We provide web, mobile and app development, trainings, branding and design services for different organizations and sectors.

Our Services

Our Services include Website Design, Ecommerce Solutions, Software Solutions, UI/UX Designs, Corporate Branding, Software Development Trainings, SEO Content Writing, and Graphics and Printing


11, Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria.

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PHONE: +2347012123176

Our Differentiation

At TECHPIRA we believe it is only possible and not impossible because to us, the world IMPOSSIBLE is another way of spelling I’M POSSIBLE.

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