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11, Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria.

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The Future of the Tech Ecosystem

We all intend to plan ahead.

Only a matter of time, the big brands will become the big Bangs

The global technology ecosystem is currently dominated by technology giants -Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Twitter, and Tesla amongst others. Everyone talks about their next big solution, product, service or acquisition. It is as if you can't grow big if you don't go through them or identify with them. I think this is a tenure hijacking which will soon come to end.
In years to come, newer government, newer brands, newer products will emerge likewise solutions and services. Hence, you can either join them since they seems unbeatable at the moment or start preparing for a future without them.
Though, admittedly, it seems almost practically impossible to imagine a future without them, but so was it with yahoo, Nokia, etc before now. As some point it was as if Yahoo was the internet and Nokia was the only good phone. How they varnished into thin air remains a food for thought. Hence, these giants may not completely go oblivion, but in the nearby future, they will no longer be the defacto tech brand by then.

Who we are

We’re a digital technology and firm. We provide web, mobile and app development, trainings, branding and design services for different organizations and sectors.

Our Services

Our Services include Website Design, Ecommerce Solutions, Software Solutions, UI/UX Designs, Corporate Branding, Software Development Trainings, SEO Content Writing, and Graphics and Printing


11, Lungi Street, Off Cairo Street, Wuse 2, Federal Capital Territory (FCT), Abuja, Nigeria.

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PHONE: +2347012123176

Our Differentiation

At TECHPIRA we believe it is only possible and not impossible because to us, the world IMPOSSIBLE is another way of spelling I’M POSSIBLE.

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